Sunday, 13 February 2011

A New Style Snorkel for the Wrangler JK ?

Rugged Ridge are developing a new style of snorkel for the Jeep Wrangler JK, at present it is in pro-type stage, and they are hoping to have it ready for the summer 2011. For now it is for the 3.8 V6 petrol engine, but as soon as it is released we shall get one over to see if it will work with the CRD engines. It will be a modular design, so a high level section will fit to the base part, also it will work with the Rugged Ridge screen light mounts and the Rugged Ridge light bar.


As soon as any news is available it will be posted here.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A New Year & A New Project (Well Almost)

It is 15 years ago since I purchased my first Jeep a Wrangler TJ it was 3 months old, before I had even purchase the Wrangler I knew I was going to modify it. Up until that point I had always had Land Rovers, I had always wanted a Jeep but having moved on from the Series Land Rover onto the Defender I did not want to go back to leaf springs. I was at an off-road event at High Wycombe in 1996 with my girlfriend (now wife). She came over and told me about this Jeep that was giving a display in the arena, and how well it was going over the obstacles on its coil spring suspension, (after I explained to her that Jeeps used leaf springs, I then had to eat humble pies when she dragged me over to see) It was the new Jeep Wrangler TJ that was going to be launched in 1997, being driven by a gent call Barry Stellard from Jeep. After the display I went over to Barry to have a chat with him about the new Wrangler, after a long chat he invited me down to Dover were Jeep where based to have a look around.

So began my affair with the Wrangler and Jeep.

I still have my first Jade Wrangler a 4.0l Sport, over the years it has be lifted 3 times starting with a Pro-Comp kit which stayed on the vehicle for about 3 month, then moving onto Rubicon Express 4.5” short arm kit and then onto the Rubicon Express 5.5” long arm kit, which is still runs, it has many more modifications that I will list as this project evolves. Well I am sad to say that for the past 5 years it has sat in the corner of my yard being neglected, and somewhat forgotten about, as I have had other Jeeps (another TJ, a Cherokee XJ and a Wrangler JK) to play with, but I do miss driving it, and the looks it use get. So I have decided to give it a revamp and update.

So begins project Resurrection, progress will be slow, as I have to fit the work in between jobs and family (how things change!).


At Tixover off-road site, with the 4.5” short arm kit, sitting on 33 x 9.50 x 15 on Mach rims Justine driving (Wife).

Please check in at FTE 4x4 Specialists Ltd to follow the project.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wrangler JK H/D Rear Axle Spring Mounts

Rubicon Express have available Wrangler JK heavy duty weld on spring mounts and bump-stop pads for the rear axle. The brackets are weld on only and allow corrected positioning for coils and bump-stops after rear pinion has been rolled up for proper drive shaft angle in lifted vehicles. Bump-Stop pad relocation will eliminate any interference with rear track bar bracket. HD Rear Coil bracket will eliminate rattling springs at full suspension droop with the screw down coil retainers.



For more details and prices contact at FTE 4x4 Specialists Ltd