Sunday, 29 March 2009

When was the last time??

You checked your diff oils?

Simple task that can save you a lot of money, and warn you if any problems are starting to occur. The photo’s below show what can happen if you don’t, the problem was the axle seal was leaking but rather then checking under the vehicle after any off-road excursions to see if any damage had happened. (Not just axle seals) The guy kept on using the vehicle so every time it was driven into any water it was being forced into the diff housing, along with the grit & mud that was in the water, and over a period of time this is the end result.


As the diff cover was removed.

After washing out.

The end result was new bearing kit, and ring & pinion. The ARB was stripped & cleaned and was used again. A lot of money for the sake of an oil change!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

TJ Rear Shocks Do They Clear

One item that is over looked when lifting and fitting a short shaft conversion on a Wrangler TJ is the clearance between the rear shock and the spring pad. As tilting the axle upwards to gain correct driveline angle rotates the shock closer to the spring pads. This may not affect the vehicle on the road but once off-road and the TJ starts to articulate you may end up with a bent rear shock.

This can be simply corrected by the use of Rubicon Express rear shock re-location brackets, a simple fit. Below are some pictures showing how they fit and the difference they can make. (The TJ they are being fitted too has a 4.5” lift with short shaft conversion fitted.)


Shock boot touching spring pad.

The Rubicon Express rear shock re-location brackets (fitting hardware included but not shown)

Re-location bracket bolted into place. (Second fixing on the rear not visible in picture)


Shock is moved away from the spring pad.

The brackets are available from FTE 4x4 Specialist's Ltd.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Know what you are buying!!!

Recently I have had a guy bring a Wrangler to me to see if I could sort out a few problems he has with it. He had driven 4x4’s before but not Wranglers so did not know that much about them, and bought this particular vehicle on recommendation. It is a shame that he did not take someone with him that had knowledge of this particular make of vehicle, as he might have got it at a cheaper price or even walked away from it.

From first look as it was taken of the flat bed that delivered to me, I could see the front axle was out of alignment by at least 3”, the back was out by a couple of inches. On starting it and driving it onto the ramp I could hear all sorts of mechanical noises from the driveline.

These are problems that should have been easily spotted, by someone that had a little knowledge about this brand of vehicle. As it is, it’s now going to cost a fair amount of money to put these problems plus a few more I have found right.

So if you are not sure then ask someone to go with you and get them to cast there eye over it, it could save you a lot of money.

Monday, 2 March 2009

JK Wrangler Lower Control Arm Skid Plates

These easy to install skid plates will protect your control arms. Constructed of durable 3/16” black powder coated steel, these skid plates will help prevent getting get hung up on rocks and other trail obstacles. Simply unbolt your control arm at the axle and slide this skid plate in place. Sold as a pair.

Installation Instructions pdf(3.7mb)

Available from FTE 4x4 Specialist’s Ltd