Monday, 19 September 2011

More Clearance For Under JK Rear Shock Mounts

lower_mount1 If you own a Wrangler JK then you must have seen how low the the shock mounts sit on the rear axle, normally the pumpkin part of the axle is the lowest part but in the case of the Wrangler JK it is also the shock mounts.

Now there are many kits on the market that will raise the lower shock mounts on the axle, a very good example is Synergy Suspension units, it raises lower shock mount 1-3/8" higher than stock. Bolt-on design that strengthens the factory control arm mount and also provides a skid plate for the lower controls arm mount. In all one neat little package.


The only problem with raising the lower shock mounts is now your shock are to long and there is a good chance that the shock will now bottom out. One option would be to fit taller bump stops but this will limit the suspension travel. Well Synergy Suspension have the answer to this, in the form of a new upper shock mount, that is a bolt-in fit and will raise the upper shock mount by 2” (50mm), gain back the travel lost with raising the lower mounts. The brackets come powder-coated with all necessary hardware to install. Modification of stock exhaust will be needed to clear the factory sway bar.


Another option to improve the shock location and to stop the usually problem of the top bar pin is to use a bar-pin eliminator, Synergy Suspension make a neat bracket that works well with there upper shock brackets, although it could be used on the stock mounts just to get rid of the problem that occurs with the top bar pin mount.

FTE 4x4 Specialists Ltd. will soon be offering Synergy Suspension components to the UK, this is only a very small selection of the components they have. They cover most models of Jeep, TJ,JK, YJ,XJ, & ZJ and have some rather interesting parts on offer. As they say “watch this space”.