Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wrangler Resurrection is alive and kicking


Back at the beginning of February I wrote a blog about an old Wrangler and a new project called “Wrangler Resurrection” well it has not been forgotten, it is just that work has got extremely busy (no complaints) so my projects get moved onto the back burner. But I have been collecting parts ready to start, the rear suspension is going to be the first item to get a makeover. The Wrangler is already fitted with a Rubicon Express long arm kit, but to upgrade the rear suspension I am going to convert it over to a triangulated upper link, and remove the rear trac-bar. This should free up the suspension giving greater articulation, I am going to use a Rock Krawler weld-on rear axle mount and brace.



The upper spring mounts are also going to be altered using the
Black Diamond's Coil Correction Kit, this will corrects the curvature of the rear spring. Meaning they can do there job more efficiently, the problem is even evident at 3" of lift height, and becomes more of an issue as lift height increases. This incorrect coil loading results in lost ride height and a diminished "too soft" spring rate.

I Another item on the rear that is going to get modified is the shock mounts, at present I am undecided with which manufacturer to go with, but the intent is to turret the shocks outboard of the chassis. This will allow for greater articulation, and I will be using a Currie Enterprise coil spring retainer kit to make sure I do not pop any springs.

As for the front suspension I would like to convert over to coil overs, as I intend to change the front axle, to a highrk_coil_over pinion unit then this will be the time I would do the work. There are many kits on the market to do this, again I am looking at using the Rock Krawler set-up. This involves cutting off the original spring/shock mounts from the chassis and welding in complete new mounts. Part of my reason to convert over to this style of front suspension is with the front diff angled correctly, the springs are bowed a considerable amount with with a 5.5” lift. One option is to cut the spring mounts of the axle and reposition them, but that seems like the ideal time to think of an upgrade!

Another item that is getting a serious makeover is the steering linkage, as once a Wrangler TJ (or a Cherokee XJ and Grand Cherokee ZJ) is lifted more then 4” then the steering is a compromise. There are many kits on the market is you own a LHD Jeep, but for us RHD owners the market is very limited. For the pass 12 months I have been trying different configurations and I am at long last very close to an answer. My main itinerary was it should be a bolt-on set-up, with the minimum of part changes, so it could be done by an owner of a vehicle rather then having to take the vehicle to a specialist workshop. As soon as I have tested the set-up, ( I have plenty of volunteers who want to test it for me) and am happy with the results, I will be publishing it here first. So as they say watch this space.

All parts that I am using in this project are available from FTE 4x4 Specialists Ltd so if you have any questions then feel free to contact me. Also don’t forget to check out our face book page