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FTE 4x4 Specialists Ltd. is please to announce that they are now a dealer for Delta Tech Industries otherwise known as Delta Lights, they offer a very diverse range of lights covering all aspects of vehicle lighting especially Jeeps. Below is just a sample of what they have on offer specifically for the Wrangler TJ & JK, to check out there full range of lights go to Delta Lights website.

The Delta Quad bar Xenon Hi/Low Headlight Set for Wrangler JK with city light (side light)The Delta Quad bar Xenon Hi/Low Headlight Set for Wrangler TJ and JK with city light (side light) has built-in steel armour protecting the element. The series come with an adapter converting H4 system to H13.The headlights feature lead-crystal prismatic glass lens, vacuum metalized steel reflectors and rubber boot to seal from dust and moisture. It will outperform factory headlights 4 to1. They are also “E” Marked which makes them legal for use in the UK.





Delta Windshield T-Bracket Set was designed specifically for Jeep Wrangler both the TJ and JK. They are constructed of machined billet aircraft aluminium and use existing windshield bolt holes and thus requiring NO DRILLING. The brackets were designed for universal application and every brand of lights.

Delta Hood Light Bar was specifically developed for Jeep Wrangler JK & TJ

Delta Hood Light Bar was specifically developed for Jeep Wrangler JK & TJ 1997-11. It was designed to complement the Delta SkyBar and vehicle exterior design using the existing factory bolt holes thus requiring NO DRILLING. The Hood Bar is constructed of plasma cut powder coated steel cross bar and machined billet aluminium mounting arms. The Bar offers a vertical swivel for precision aiming and it comes with pre-terminated 3 (ea) Xenon 55 Watt driving lights producing an impressive beam of light for night trail adventures. Total draw 13.75 Amps, also available with 6000K HID driving lights producing an incredible powerful white “daylight” beam of light for night trail adventures. Total draw 8.75 Amps. The lights come equipped with hard plastic covers. The set is also equipped with a complete OEM harness, relay, switch and fuse.

Delta fender Light Set for Wrangler TJ & JK

Delta fender Light Set was specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler both TJ and JK. The set is well integrated with headlamp and fender design. It is constructed from 13 ga. powder coated plasma cut steel encasing 3” dia. waterproof xenon driving lights or Delta 6000K HID system, which will produce an impressive long range white, near daylight bright light for any type of night driving. Each light offers a full micro-adjustment for aiming. They mount to existing bolts on each front fender. NO DRILLING required.





Delta Bumper Driving Lamp Set for the Wrangler JK

Delta Bumper Driving Lamp Set for the Wrangler JK is an upgrade to factory low wattage fog lamps. The Xenon 55 Watt driving lamps are configured into the billet aluminium face rings which provide micro adjustment for horizontal and vertical aiming. The Driving Light set comes with its own upgraded stand-alone OEM wire harness, Illuminated switch, relay and fuse. These lights will give you an increased long-range visibility when driving on narrow trails or in any adverse weather condition. Also available with the Delta 6000K HID system 


SkyBar™ - Wrangler Light Bar JK &TJ

Delta SkyBar was specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler TJ and JK. It is constructed of machined Billet Aluminium mounting arms and spacers and plasma cut 13 ga. Steel cross bar holding a battery of 6 xenon driving lights. The integrated design of the SkyBar complements the roof-line and the unique lines on Jeep Wrangler. It is designed to allow garage clearance with any lifts. The bar does not interfere with any roof, soft or hard top. The bar features a built-in deflector to eliminate glare. The light bar is wired to allow 3 phases of operation 2, 4 and all 6 lights for your full control in using just the right amount of light power from 110W to 330W with the max. Draw of 27.5Amp. The light bar offers a precision vertical aiming adjustment. The mounting billet arms attach to the side by the windshield to existing bolt holes thus requiring NO DRILLING. The SkyBar comes complete pre-wired with an OEM double harness, two switches, relays, fuses and all necessary hardware.

As I said at the begin of this article this is a very small selection of the lights that Delta have on offer, so please check out there website to see the full range. Once you have seen a light set-up you like make a note of the part numbers and drop me an email at or give me a ring on 07973 198483 for prices and delivery. I have met the guys behind this company and there enthusiasm for there product is great as are there products.


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    You can see a chart of HID Kit colors on Ultimate HID Kits' website.

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  3. Delta Hood Light Bar was specifically developed for Jeep Wrangler JK ...